Pallet & Crate Design

St. Boniface Pallet has a stake in supporting our customer’s sustainability initiatives on all levels. This includes the work our team does with our customers to design or redesign packaging for optimal performance, reducing waste and increasing cost-efficiency.

Using the Pallet Design System (PDS) an engineering and design software tool we can design the optimum pallet by scientifically determining the safe load carrying capacity, performance characteristics and optimal material required to do so.

PDS takes our customer requirements into consideration as it uses fundamental engineering principles to calculate and examine each possible solution. The result being we assist in significantly reducing costs, reducing product damage and increasing safety throughout the unit load handling process.

 Pallet Design System™

  • Saves costs by choosing the right materials and design
  • Accurately predicts a pallet’s load-bearing performance under various conditions
  • Analyzes how a pallet will perform in racking systems and stacking configurations
  • Improves safety and reduces product damage by recommending design improvements
  • Versatility to create pallets of all styles, designs, constructions, and wood types
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