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Pallet Recycling Winnipeg

St. Boniface Pallet is proud of our environmental stewardship and the cornerstone of this commitment is to ensure that no reusable wood waste is sent to landfill.

Using our dedicated recovery and recycling operations, we focus on the best methods in the industry to repair, recycle, renew and re-use wooden pallets and various other forms of wood waste. As a result we have developed a sophisticated system that enables us to re-use almost 100% of the wood products we bring into our facility. This is not an easy accomplishment as each recycled pallet is different and they often require intensive work to make them reusable in some way shape or form. In order to accomplish this we have a multistage sortation process that all recycled pallets pass through.

Our goal when we receive Winnipeg pallets for recycling is to refurbish them for re-use in the marketplace – the best and most environmentally friendly method we have. If this is not possible we attempt to recycle the pallets by re-using some of their components to build other products.

We are prepared to work with you to implement your sustainability initiatives

Any remaining wood pieces or components that cannot be-reused in our manufacturing process are sent to our grinding operation where they become:

Our ground fiber products are high-quality and very desirable for biomass operations. Even the scrap nails and miscellaneous metals that are separated and collected during the grinding process are recycled.

We offer a number of different grades of recycled pallets depending on your needs

Premium Grade A Pallet

Most often used for retail product display, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications where the cleanest recycled pallet is required.

  • 7 boards on top
  • 5 boards on bottom
  • 6” lead boards top and bottom
  • Average top deck spacing 2.5” to 3.5”
  • 3 stringers (1.5” width x 3.5” height)
  • 4 way entry
  • No boards overhang the stringers
  • No block or metal repairs to stringers
  • No coloured or painted stringers

A Grade Pallet

A grade pallets are more readily available but will have a more worn appearance than a Premium A grade. The specs on an A grade are more consistent than on a B grade pallet and will never have any block repairs to the stringers. The overall appearance of an A grade pallet will also be better than a B grade.

  • 7 to 9 boards on top
  • 5 boards on bottom
  • Average top deck spacing 2.5” to 3.5”
  • 3 stringers (1.5” width x 3.5” height)
  • 4 way entry
  • No boards overhang the stringers
  • Stringers may have metal repair plates

Premium B Grade Pallet

The perfect fit between a standard A and standard B. This cost saving pallet will have fewer transfer cycles than a standard B and as a result will likely have fewer markings, chips, cracks or other wear and tear damage.

  • Same as a standard B grade but with only one of the three stringers having a block or other type of repair. May have multiple repairs on the same stringer

B Grade Pallet

B grades are considerably less expensive than A grades and are used primarily for warehousing or shipping where it is likely the pallet will not be coming back.

  • Between 6 and 9 boards on top which can be 3″ to 6″ wide
  • No less than 4 boards on bottom
  • Average top deck spacing 2.5″ to 3.5″ but can be up to 4″
  • 3 stringers (1.5″ width x 3.5″ height)
  • 4 way entry
  • No boards overhang the stringers
  • Has block repairs on stringers
  • Chips or partially split boards are acceptable
We stock a large inventory of recycled pallets in various sizes, shapes and configurations.

We even have IPPC ISPM-15 HT recycled pallets for going overseas. Contact us to see if we can make recycled pallets work for your application. If recycled doesn’t meet your needs, we can quote you a new custom built pallet.

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