Coloured Wood Mulch

Manitoba Biomass Supplier

Biomass is a clean, renewable and sustainable fuel source developed from leftover organic materials such as wood chips, scrap lumber, some crops and mill residuals.

An environmentally friendly landscaping product made from wood chips, coloured wood mulch will enhance the beauty of any property. Used in Winnipeg for both commercial and residential locations, the array of available colours enhance your landscape project allowing you to bring exciting new dimensions of creativity to your yard and garden. You’ll find our product is available at garden centres throughout Manitoba.


Available in four distinctive colours: Red, Brown, Black and Gold. Enviro-Mulch is an attractive, decorative and low maintenance way to beautify your yard and garden.


Enviro-Mulch is organic and slowly bio-degrades to become rich topsoil. Plants, shrubs and trees thrive as the mulch provides a nutrient rich meal and reduces the need for watering.


A natural wood product with iron-oxide water based colourant. Produced using clean recycled wood, Enviro-Mulch is safe for the environment and all plants and animals.

Colour Fast

Enviro-Mulch retains it’s colour longer than shredded bark and light raking refreshes it’s appearance.

Weed Control

Enviro-Mulch naturally suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for chemical weed control.

Easy Application

Applied at a depth of 2 to 4 inches, landscape mulching can be done at any time and anyone can do it.

Want to know how much mulch you need to complete your landscape project?

Use our calculator to determine how many yards you will need. Simply measure the length and width of the area you wish to mulch and enter the information below. Then choose what depth of mulch you prefer (we recommend 3” – 4” to inhibit weed growth) and the calculator will do the rest.

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