About Us

Our origins date back to 1993 when our product line was limited to recycled pallets.

As our customer base evolved and the demands of the industry changed, we expanded our recycled product offerings. We adapted the recycled pallet to make it usable in sophisticated packaging equipment and we expanded our product line to include pallets and crates manufactured from new materials to ensure we could meet all of our customers’ expectations.

As our business grew so too did the need to recycle the increasingly large numbers of pallets, crates and wood waste coming into our facility. As a result in 2001 we started a line of ground wood fibre products called Enviro-Mulch.

Today we are a full service pallet, crate and wood recycling company.

Every day we build pallets & crates of many sizes for use in both high volume automated packaging systems and low volume one time shipments. We do it all.

We do all this with a dedicated hard working staff that we are immensely proud of. Without them none of this would be possible. We have developed a culture that has enabled us to retain a large number of long term employees that are experts at what they do.

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